Singapore Payroll Process Outsourcing

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Singapore payroll outsourcing system has changed the way entrepreneurs make business in Singapore. Learn the benefits of outsourcing your accounting and payroll system while leading your employees in achieving your company’s main goals and objectives.

Singapore, although considered as small country with are coming in and local investments are growing. And in coping with the increasing demand of focusing on the main goals and objectives of their businesses, most of the business entrepreneurs are shifting into new and better systems in their companies. One of these systems is the corporate services outsourcing of accounting and payroll, human resources, and taxation functions.

Then, this new concept has brought the emergence of reliable and competent Singapore accounting outsourcing services. Each of these corporate outsourcing companies bring into their team local professional and experts in human resources and labor laws, accounting, and in taxation. Most of them cater not only in Singapore but in big countries. They offer effective and customer-based payroll services, accounting services, and taxation system. They have designed software packages. All these outsourcing services and function aim at delivering services in a timely manner, accurate financial statements and reports, payroll information and reports, including reimbursements and claims of the companies of their clients.

These Singapore accounting outsourcing services vendors become the entrepreneurs’ partners. They support their clients with balanced payroll and human resources outsourcing solutions. They can help the companies in handling payroll of their employees while keeping this information confidential. There are those accounting and payroll outsourcing services vendors that are local-based and those that international.

With the global and local competition so strong in businesses, why should you spend time and deal with the risks of wrong payroll calculations, insufficient legal compliance due to lack of adequate knowledge, more expensive in-house payroll management structures, and tackle problems of internal control? You can now outsource these functions and put your efforts and time in managing and leading your employees into expanding your businesses. 

What can these Singapore accounting and payroll outsourcing services do?

  • They can help you establish your accounting systems.

Most of these Singapore corporate services outsourcing vendors offer services that will help companies to establish their accounting procedures by reviewing important records and data, as well as their present accounting systems. They will help newly established businesses to design accounting system that will fit into the business needs and requirements. They can also help in designing official accounting and bookkeeping forms, formatting of monthly financial reports, and a system for proper filing and recording procedures and system.

  • They can efficiently update and maintain your company’s accounting records and system on a regular basis.

As your company’s accounting procedures and systems are in place, our competent staff will visit your company regularly, or it will depend on your company’s needs and quantity of your business transactions. Usually, it is on a monthly basis. Records and data are encoded into your computerized ledgers to generate financial statements and reports. If there is need to readjust on journal provisions, accruals, and the like, their expert accounting staff will make the corrections and adjustments.

  • They can administer payroll to Employees with accuracy.

Singapore accounting and payroll services vendors have the ability to handle payroll processing like preparing monthly payroll summary, preparing pay slips, preparing IR8A yearly forms, and submitting records and payments for the CPF contributions. 

Hiring the best Singapore accounts outsourcing services that offer efficient and reliable accounting and payroll services is the best and most practical option today. As entrepreneurs, you will be able to focus on your main corporate goals and how to achieve them. This will also help you avoid the usual problems on employees’ turnover, fixed overhead costs, absenteeism, tardiness, and employee trainings. Singapore corporate services outsourcing is cost effective, company’s data and information are secured, financial reports and payroll processing are done accurately and efficiently, and employees’ productivity is enhanced. 


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